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The growth of dermal fillers in Sydney has opened up the possibility of beauty without the high cost, long recovery time and risks of full-blown surgery to women across the city … and across the world! It is little wonder that in Sydney, dermal fillers are among the most requested and fastest growing cosmetic procedures.

Even with a simple, non-invasive procedure in Sydney like facial filler injections, the difference that a highly trained, ultra-professional surgeon makes is astounding. Dr Tobias Pincock is one of New South Wales’ foremost facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons, and should be your first choice for dermal fillers in Sydney.

Dr Pincock’s expertise

Dr Pincock’s qualifications include MBBS and FRACS in addition to being a member of the AAFPS and AAFPRS. He is an Otolaryngological (ear, nose and throat) surgeon, and also an expert in the aging face. Dr Pincock studied under one of the foremost US facial cosmetic surgeons and a founder of the American Association of Facial Plastic Surgeons.

Face Fillers Sydney

Facial fillers in Sydney have become popular because they are an inexpensive, fast and non-invasive way to:

  • Soften facial creases and fine to moderate wrinkles
  • Enhance sunken cheeks
  • Enhance your chin, which loses bone mass disproportionately as we age
  • Give fullness to thin lips
  • Improve the appearance of deep scars

Dermal fillers consult procedure

Inject-able fillers are extremely safe, and very fast to administer – but you’ll find that Dr Pincock does not rush through your Sydney dermal filler consultation. Your goals for facial fillers in Sydney will be assessed; Dr Pincock will go through the planning stage; the procedure is performed (usually at a later date, to give you a chance to absorb the information); and Dr Pincock’s office provide follow-up checks and care in the time after your dermal fillers injections.

With dermal fillers, there is nothing to wait for … they are fast, safe, easy and come at minimal cost. Book your consultation with Dr Pincock today!

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